Chosen by the world’s largest technology companies

Reasons why you should use DCI


Defence-grade Security

Our facilities are geared towards Certified Zone 3 physical security and above

We employ a range of state-of-the-art security systems, procedures and techniques to manage, monitor and record all access to and from the facility

Our management team has experience in building and operating highly secure data centres


Highly Flexible

We are a Brookfield portfolio company, allowing us to quickly deploy capital

Australian expansion and broader Asia Pacific expansion planned in the next 12 months

Highly flexible and customised solutions to deliver your needs today and into the future


DCI Data Centers is a leading energy-efficient data centre operator

Industry leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE)

We want our customers to achieve more with less while minimising the impact of rising energy costs and carbon emissions


Industry Leading Assurance

DCI designs, builds and operates its own facilities to world-class standards, providing space, power, cooling, and security with multiple layers of redundancy, which ensures 24/7 availability to our clients

DCI provides generator supported UPS systems arranged as N+1 minimum


On the ground experts across Asia Pacific to accelerate our regional expansion plan

Expansion plans in place across the region, including South Korea and Japan and Australia


DCI Data Centers is an experienced data centre owner and operator, providing solutions across Asia Pacific.


Wholesale White Space, Connectivity, Fully Serviced Colocation & Business Continuity Facilities


We have multiple centres in Australia and expanding current sites. We are also developing locations internationally.